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The Audacious Project Is TED’s New $250 Million Fund To Power Social Change

(出典元:Fast Company) A women-led initiative in the 50 highest-need communities in America to get people embracing physical activity to fight disease. A plan to finally eliminate trachoma, one of the leading causes of blindness. New technology to enable research on the ocean’s twilight zone, up to 1,000 meters below sea level. A national, self-sustaining bail fund to combat mass incarceration. A satellite, developed by the Environmental Defense Fund, to track methane emissions. These are the five projects TED is launching through its new $250 million philanthropic initiative, The Audacious Project. Each year, the initiative will invite social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and individuals to throw out their biggest and best ideas for creating sustainable social impact. With funding, support, and resources from a pool of donors–including the Skoll Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation–the visionaries will develop their ideas into multi-year, wide-reaching realities. The idea is to bring the aggregate funding model of the startup world to philanthropy, in the hopes that doing so will lead to bigger projects and more rapid change. 続きを見る

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