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Facebook is shaking things up in a massive way and reorganizing the company into 3 core areas

(出典元:Tech Insider)

    • Facebook is shaking up its org structure.
    • The company will now be comprised of three key areas: New platforms and infrastructure, Central product services, and Family of apps.
    • Facebook is also researching future applications of blockchain technology, with a small unit of employees dedicated to the tech.

There’s a massive shake-up afoot at Facebook. The social networking giant is undergoing a huge restructuring, switching up its executives and rearranging the company into three core product areas. Recode has a big report out with lots of the key details, and some Facebook execs are sharing info on Twitter. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the news of the re-organisation to Business Insider. Facebook will now comprise of three key areas: Family of apps, led by chief product officer Chris Cox; New platforms and infrastructure, led by CTO Mike Schroepfer; and Central product services, led by VP of growth Javier Olivan.

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